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    When it comes to screen protectors, Gecko Covers is the place to be! Here you will find screen protectors for a wide range of devices. From protectors for tablets and e-readers to screen protectors for laptops and smartwatches. These offer excellent protection against scratches and bumps. So you can take your devices on the road with you without having to worry about possible damage.

    Gecko Covers screen protectors
    At Gecko Covers you'll find a wide and varied range of screen protectors for different devices. These protect your displays from scratches and bumps.

    We have screen protectors for smartwatches like the Apple Watch, which can use some extra protection when used frequently. Of course, we also have screen protectors for tablets, such as Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

    Various sizes and strengths
    We have screen protectors in various sizes and strengths. For example, screen protectors with a hardness of 9H, which are highly scratch and shock resistant. 100% touch sensitive, yet scratch resistant.

    Easy to apply
    Applying a screen protector to your device sounds trickier than it actually is. You receive our screen protectors with a step-by-step explanation and everything you need is included!

    More items for your device
    Besides screen protectors, we have more items to protect your device against drops, scratches, bumps and dirt. You can find a variety of covers like tablet covers, laptop covers, smartwatch covers and e-reader covers. All available for various brands and in different sizes.

    Order your screen protector online on

    Have you found a fitting screen protector for your device? Place your order easily online at For years we have been specialized in protecting your mobile devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Orders above €35,- will be shipped free of charge. Any additional questions? Then feel free to contact our customer service. They are available on working days from 9 am - 5 pm.

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